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06/16/21 Last Call: Jack Pettit; 06/16/21: June Shipmate; 05/20/21 Binnacle List Mitch Mitchell: 05/14/21 Last Call:Sandra T. Pidgeon (Wife of Bob Pidgeon);
05/06/21 Last Call: Ken Gebhart04/27/21 Last Call: Ron Kirk; 04/27/21: Last Call: Stash Wiklinski; 04/15/21 Last Call: Byron Nelson;  
Last Call: Bob Pidgeon;  04/08/21 Last Call: Bert Concklin; 04/08/21 Last Call: Chip Day  04/08/21: Last Call: Dave Eller 04/08/21 Last Call: Ernie Luders;  
Last Call: Joe Paull, 03/17/21: Last Call: Art Ridley;  03/17/21 Board of Trustees: New Member: Taylor Keith; 
Carolyn R. Goolsby (Wife of John Gooslby. 12th);  03/07/21 Last Call: Stan Sharp; 03/07/21 Last Call Lee Meadror;  
Last Call:  Jack Nulty 03/07/21; Update  Last Call:
Patricia R Gladin (Widow of Jack Gladdin (23rd Co));
03/03/21 Last Call: Juanita Medlock (Widow of Chuck Medlock, (7th  Co))  (3/3/21)03/01/21 Shipmate: Mar-Apr

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Take a look at some important news:

Last Call: John Thorpe Pettit, Jr. (7th Co) (6/16/21)

Binnacle List: Ken Mitchell (10th Co)

Last Call:Sandra T. Pidgeon (Wife of Bob Pidgeon (2nd Co)) (5/14/21)

Last Call:  Kenneth Lewis Gebhart (14th Co) (5/6/21)

Last Call: Ronald Briscoe Kirk (9th Co) (4/27/21)

Last Call: Stanley Wiklinski (17th Co) (4/26/21)
                                                Update (4/29/21)

Last Call:: Byron Brightwell Nelson, Jr. (19th Co) (04/15/21)

Last Call:Robert Huntley Pidgeon (2nd Co) (4/8/21)

Last Call: Ernest Celestino Luders (3rd Co) (04/8/21)

Last Call: Bert Morse Concklin  II (24th Co)  (04/08/21)

Last Call: Chapin Walker Day. Jr.  (23rd Co) (4/8/21)

Last Call: David Kearney Eller  (Non Grad) (4/8/21)

Last Call: Joseph Fry Paull (6th Co) 3/31/21

Last Call:Arthur Kenneth Ridley (4th Co)  3/17/21

Last Call: Carolyn R. Goolsby (Wife of John Gooslby (12th Co))(3/7/21) 

Last Call: Stanley Edward Sharp  (1st Co) (3/7/21)

Last Call; Lee Melvin Meador (10th Co) 3/7/21

  Last Call: John Lawrence Nulty Jr (9th Co)  3/7/21

Last Call:  Patricia R Gladin (Widow of Jack Gladdin (23rd Co)) (3/3/21)
Update 3/7/21

Last Call: Juanita Medlock (Widow of Chuck Medlock, 7th  Co))  (3/3/21)

Last Call: Frederick Lauriston Wales (19th Co) 02/15/21

Last Call: George Littrell Denny II (19th Co) (2/7/21)

Last Call: Bettie Brinkley Cooper (Wife of Terry Copper 24th Co)) 2/6/21

Report From Taylor Keith  on the  USNA Athletic and Scholarship Foundation (4/20/20)

Revised Obituary Guidelines (4/3/19)
Updated 10/4/15
Updated 11/19/15
Updated 03/12/16)

Memorabilia Video: Admiral Smedberg Hosts King Saud at USNA  Feb 1957 (12/1/18)

John McCain Profile

Reunion 60 Poem by Chet Kunz

\Exclusive Audio: In New Memoir, Sen. John McCain Rests His Case 5/4/2018

Update (3/13/18)

Distinguished Graduate Awards

Gary Minar - Some Thoughts  on Prostate Cancer (04/03/16)

News and Events: Information on the USNA Columbarium (8/30/15)

Class of 1958 Admiral Charles R. Larson Ethical Leadership Excellence Award 

USNA Sick Call (02/20/13)

Virginia Beach Class Luncheons 

New Law Now Allows Retirees and Vets to Salute Flag

Information Regarding Counting Academy Time to Civil Service Retirement   (3/24/12)

More on Proton Radiation Treatment (6/7/11)

Veteran's Aid Program for Assisted Living (6/3/10)

Vietnam Virtual Wall

Check Your Military Retirement Statement (1/12/10)

DD-214 On Line (3/13/09) 

Addendum to Gary Minarís Prostate Cancer Report (6/23/06)

Lessons Learned Re Prostate Cancer From Gary Minar

Hoax Viruses

Veterans Benefits Re Agent Orange 

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