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Welcome to the Class of 1958 Home Page.  This website is intended to provide current class information as well as historical items of interest.  
The most important aspect of the website is to foster communication among Classmates.  The site will be updated periodically to reflect  your feedback.   
 Contact Fred Victor (avictor@erols.com)  with any suggestions for changes or improvements to this website.  

Bill Schramm is the Class Corresponding Secretary.  He writes the monthly Class column in Shipmate.  See the News/Events page for Shipmate
 deadlines and the Shipmate page for additional '58 news.  Bill can be reached via email  at w_schramm@comcast.net
or telephone  831-484-9058

The Class Roster  and Email are  now being updated as we receive new information.   In addition, the entire Roster and the Email listings will  
be updated about every four months in the event we miss some new information along the way.   
Send any changes directly to Gordo:  usna1958@verizon.net

The "Links for '58ers" page will take you to some great stories by or about classmates.

Take a look at some important news:

09/15/21 October Shipmate
Last Call: Carl Triebes
Last Call: Ray and Mary Hardy
Last Call Dan Leonard Inurnment
Last Call: Charlie Bowne - Funeral Arrangements
Last Call Ken Mitchell
09/01/21Last Call: Ted Smedberg: Funeral
Last Call: Ted Smedberg Obituary
Last Call
: Rosemary Newman Adkins Funeral Services
News and Events: Report From Gary Minar
Last Call: Jim Corder Inurunment 30 Aug
News and Events: New Book About Bruce McCandless
Last Call Russ Mowrey;
Last Call: Ray Bumgardner
Last Call: Ted Smedberg Funeral ;
Last Call: John Wells Obituary Update; 
08/10/21 Last Call: Nancy Stremic (Wife of Tony Stremic)

08/09/21 Last Call: Ted Smedberg;  
08/08/21 Last Call: Ralph Carestia Obituary;
Binnacle List : Carl Triebes;
Last Call:  John Wells;  
Last Call: Bob Slaven Update; 
Frank Gamboa Memorial;  
Last Call: Ed 
News and Events: Gordo - National Champ;
Binnacle List: Bob Mason Last Call: Update Frank Gamboa; 
  Last Call: Charlie Bowen - Funeral Arrangements 
Last Call: Frank Gamboa;  
Last Call: Ralph Carestia;  Last Call: Roger Lyons
July-August Shipmate;
Last Call: Jim Silldorf;
Last Call: Mike Cunningham
06/16/21  Last Call: Jack Pettit;  

Last Call: Carl John Triebes Jr. (8th Co) (9/10/21)

Last Call: Ray Sterling Hardy, Jr. (13th Co) 9/10/21 

Last Call: Mary Selma Hardy (Wife of Ray Hardy (13th Co) 9/10/21

Last Call: Daniel Byron Leonard, Jr. (24th Co) (6/29/20)
Update 9/2/21:  Internment at USNA 1100 17 Sept  2021 

Last Call: Kenneth Francis Mitchell (10th Co) 9/1/21

Last Call: Edwin Barden Smedberg (19th Co) (8/9/21)
Update: 8/10/21 :  Funeral Arrangements
Update 8/27/21: Obituary
Update 9/1/21 : Arlington Funeral Arrangements

Last Call: Charles Jacob Bowne Jr. (8th Co) (4/29/20)
Update 7/13/21 : A funeral service will be conducted at the USNA Chapel on 28 September at 1030.
It will be followed by an inurnment at the Columbarium.  

Last Call: Rosemary Newman Adkins (Wife of Jim Adkins (9th Co) (9/17/20)
Update 9/1/21:  Funeral Services  USNA 27 Sept 2021:

News and Events: Report From Gary Minar  (8/23/21)

News and Events: New Book About Bruce McCandless (8/13/21)

Last Call: James Lee Corder (3rd Co) 5/22/20
Update 8/8/21 :
Jim's ashes will be placed in the USNA Columbarium on Monday 30 August at 1400 hrs. 
There will be a reception at the USNA Club immediately thereafter.

Last Call: Russell Vernon Mowery (21st Co) (08/10/21)

Last Call: William Raymond Bumgardner (22nd Co)  (08/10/21)

Last Call: Nancy Stremic (Wife of  Tony Stremic (19th C0) (8/10/21)

Last Call: Ralph John Carestia (20th Co) 07/9/21
Update: 8/8/21 Obituary

Binnacle List : Carl Triebes (8th Co) 8/4/21

Last Call: John Thomas Wells Jr. (19th Co)

Last Call: Robert Knowles Slaven, Jr. (1st Co) (12/6/20)
Update 7/30/21 ;Note from Bob's daughter re funeral arrangements Aug 7

News and Events: Gordo Champion at National Masters Swimming  Competition 

Last Call: Frank Gamboa Memorial ((7/30/21)

Last Call: William Edwin Davis Geoghegan (Non Grad) (7/29/61)

Binnacle List : Bob Mason (9th Co) 7/26/21

Last Call: John Frank Gamboa (17th Co)  (07/09/21)
 Update: 7/13/21

Last Call: Charles Jacob Bowne Jr. (8th Co) (4/29/20)
Update 7/13/21 : A funeral service will be conducted at the USNA Chapel on 28 September at 1030.
It will be followed by an inurnent at the Columbarium. Reminder to follow

Last Call: Ralph John Carestia (20th Co) 07/9/21
Update: 8/8/21 Obituary

Last Call: James Roger Lyons (6th Co) (7/9/21) 

William Hareley Parks (9th Co) (1/7/19)

Last Call: James Simon Silldorf (5th Co) (7/5/21)

Last Call: Dennis Michael Cunningham (18th Co) (6/25/21)

Last Call: John Thorpe Pettit, Jr. (7th Co) (6/16/21)

Binnacle List: Ken Mitchell (10th Co) (5/20/21)

Last Call:Sandra T. Pidgeon (Wife of Bob Pidgeon (2nd Co)) (5/14/21)

Last Call:  Kenneth Lewis Gebhart (14th Co) (5/6/21)


Report From Taylor Keith  on the  USNA Athletic and Scholarship Foundation (4/20/20)

Revised Obituary Guidelines (4/3/19)
Updated 10/4/15
Updated 11/19/15
Updated 03/12/16)

Memorabilia Video: Admiral Smedberg Hosts King Saud at USNA  Feb 1957 (12/1/18)

John McCain Profile

Reunion 60 Poem by Chet Kunz

\Exclusive Audio: In New Memoir, Sen. John McCain Rests His Case 5/4/2018

Update (3/13/18)

Distinguished Graduate Awards

Gary Minar - Some Thoughts  on Prostate Cancer (04/03/16)

News and Events: Information on the USNA Columbarium (8/30/15)

Class of 1958 Admiral Charles R. Larson Ethical Leadership Excellence Award 

USNA Sick Call (02/20/13)

Virginia Beach Class Luncheons 

New Law Now Allows Retirees and Vets to Salute Flag

Information Regarding Counting Academy Time to Civil Service Retirement   (3/24/12)

More on Proton Radiation Treatment (6/7/11)

Veteran's Aid Program for Assisted Living (6/3/10)

Vietnam Virtual Wall

Check Your Military Retirement Statement (1/12/10)

DD-214 On Line (3/13/09) 

Addendum to Gary Minarís Prostate Cancer Report (6/23/06)

Lessons Learned Re Prostate Cancer From Gary Minar

Hoax Viruses

Veterans Benefits Re Agent Orange 

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