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Report From Taylor Keith on the USNA Athletic and Scholarship Foundation Meeting, 18 April 2020


The Trustees of the USNA Athletic and Scholarship Foundation met virtually today. The Superintendent Vadm Sean Buck talked to us for about half an hour. We also heard from Coach Ken and Chet Gladchuk. I want to share their remarks for publication to the class if you see fit.

Vadm Buck:


Nbr 1: Safeguard the health and welfare of the Academy family and local community

Graduate and commission the class of 2020 on time

Need to “reset" Bancroft Hall. On 6 March he informed the Mids that they were to stay on Spring break. (USMA did also, USAFA did not). Extended spring break which had the benefit of enabling the faculty to prepare and set up distance learning. The IT folks worked night and day.The 4000+ Mid’n still have their personal belongings that need to be removed/returned to owners.

Induct class of 2024 this summer

Safely execute summer programs


99% of Brigade are at home (Some 46 Mid’n are in Bancroft Hall because they had nowhere to go)

95% faculty, coaches and staff are teleworking

Yard closed to non-CAC holders (Common Access Card - held by active duty military, selected reserve, DoD civilian emploees and eligible contractor personnel.)

Commissioning week cancelled

Summer Seminar and STEP camp cancelled

Summer Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture (LREC) trips cancelled; no studies abroad this fall

Fleet Summer Training - Have recommend to CNO to cancel all summer training except USMC. Quantico can handle the aspiring marines

COVID 19 Cases: Total 10 positive tests- 9 fully recovered of which  6 are Mid’n, 5 fully recovered; no hospitalizations.



Rapid transfer to 100% virtual instruction in only 5 days; took a creative, flexible team effort of faculty, IT, library and midshipmen 

Virtual resources: Midshipman Study Group Program (MGSP), USNA Academic Center Tutoring, Extra Instruction


Resource constraints: books, labs. Differing home environments

Synchronous vs asynchronous learning


Standardize Learning Management System (LMS) across faculty 



On-line teams available 24/7

Regularly scheduled “All Hands” calls with Supe and CMC to address yard-wide questions posted on YouTube and Intranet

Commandant addresses Brigade each evening via Instagram

Mental health guidance and resources from Medical Team on Instagram

USNA web page: www.usna.edu


Instagram:@ us naval academy



Anticipating Hopper Hall and Terwilliger Center construction delay. Hopper Hall turnover delayed from May to  to June; goal - ready for occupancy for fall academics 

Chapel dome work progressing on track



Commissioning week cancelled. Will hold  a streamed, live, virtual Commissioning with as much “pomp and circumstance” as possible. Details still being worked out. All alumni will be able to tune in.

Reset Bancroft Hall. Have several hundred Mid’n living nearby; will bring them back to get their gear.

Summer events depend not only on me but also on “reopening" policies of DOD, Governor of Maryland, and Mayor of Annapolis.

Will have a Plebe Summer. Making plans for a 3 week, 5 week, or regular 8 week session

Fall events TBD; hopefully for a 15 August reforming of the brigade; if can’t, will use distance learning

Coach Ken is in Hawaii.

Still figuring out who will replace Malcolm Perry.

Notre Dame game in Belfast Ireland in August in jeopardy.

Way forward depends on lifting social distancing.


Chet Gladchuk

Impact on sports significant. Everything in flux until social distancing is cancelled.

Some of the NCAA options include shortened seasons; play only teams in league starting October; Reduce number of mandatory varsity sports from 16 to 10 (USNA has 33 !!!; want to maintain.)

Our objective is reconvene by mid-August; bring football team back 1 July to start practice  

Notre Dame-Navy game in Belfast is a big deal. Over 38,500 tourist packages have been sold.

Golf course renovation almost complete. It will be among the leading college courses.

All in all the Academy led by Vadm Buck is doing a great job, particularly in the face of significant uncertainty. All options and scenarios are being considered and planned for. I am confident that when the country reopens, the Academy will be ready to pickup the development of the Midshipmen morally, mentally and physically.