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Last updated:  11/15/22

Binnacle List

Ed Schaum (9th Co) (08/04/22)

From Ed's Sister Marion Dill:

Ed has not answered any communication you may have attempted, because in late October of 2020, he suffered a major stroke.  He was alone at the time.  As he was found unconscious on the flStan Chiocchiooor of his apartment, it was not known how long he had been down. Due to the unknown amount of time he was down, the medics were unable to administer the usual medications. The stroke was severe; leaving Ed in a coma for almost a week and completely paralyzing his entire right side.     Over time, dedicated therapists were able to work with Ed to entirely restore  his motor function and apparently 90% of his cognitive ability. The stroke did rob him of his ability to speak, write and/or keyboard coherently. He can and does read, daily, with full comprehension.

 Ed has been in the Beachside Skilled Nursing Facility near his former home in Huntington Beach California.   I video FaceTime with him almost every day.  Although he cannot speak coherently, with the help of his very kind caregivers, he and I  are able to communicate to some degree.  I have offered to bring him to NY, but he is adamant about staying in California.  The people at his facility are kind and competent, and Ed seems, for the most part, quite pleased with his new living arrangements.  Now that Covid has somewhat abated, I try to fly out for a visit every few months.

Marion's Email:    [email protected]


Bob Mason (9th Co)  (7/25/21)

From Bob's Wife, Debbie:

Sadly, Bob (Mason) is in a Memory Care facility here in Hilton Head, SC.. However, I copy all emails and communications and take them to him.  He is always thrilled to read them (even with bad news).   His walls are covered with USNA memorabilia.  Harbor Cove Memory Care has a new Commanding Officer, they just don't know it yet. 
Anytime you would like to send copies of old pictures of yourselves or write him a line or two about how you are doing, he would be over the moon. His favorite picture is of him on the deck of the battleship IOWA during midshipman cruise.  Mine, of course, is of the Ring Dance.  Today, we are celebrating his 85th Birthday; it is hard to realize that we have been married 61 years

Harbor Cove, 48 Main Street, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926
Fondly, Debbie Mason 

Email:  [email protected]