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Last updated:  12/31/20

  Binnacle List

Stan Sharp (1st Co)

Dick Tillman had a chance to talk at your 60th. reunion first company party.  I asked a general question like how are you doing and he changed the subject.  I did not pursue the topic.  I am sorry I did not pay more attention.  We both had the same problem.  Dick probably developed prostate cancer several years ago.  If so he had his prostate removed and went on some form of hormone therapy.

There are two versions of prostate removal: total and partial {developed at John Hopkins.)The latter is very very expensive generally $100,000 plus. Mine was total thru Kaiser and cost about $40,000. I was put on hormone therapy which cost about $54,000 over a period of eleven years. This is not a cure it just extends your life. At some point your cancer moves into very high gear and you cannot stop it.  That probably is what happened to Dick and that has now happened to me.

My cancer went into high gear last  November. I have one to two years to live. I have a good doctor his specialty is prostate cancer. My hormone therapy now costs $12,000 per month and I am not worth that much. When we said goodbye at our company party Dicks handshake was very very firm. I grabbed his right forearm it was all muscle. He tightened his grip and laughed.  Next I placed my left hand on his back and he started laughing. I said I cannot believe you are weight lifting at 82 you are all muscle. I told my wife as we left that Dick would be the last to go and would probably reach 100.

  We have reached that stage in our life-we start losing friends. How do you avoid depression? I do not know.  Go fishing.  Have to sign off. My kitten is attacking my keyboard.  Best to all survivors