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Last updated:  11/11/19


   Binnacle List

Dave Allard (7th Co) (11/9/19)

From Lee Mink (11/11/19)

To all..........A few weeks ago Woody flew out from D.C. and Sherry and I drove down to Paradise Valley Estates from Oregon to have a great 7th Company luncheon with Dave and Barb.  Bruce B. did a great job of putting it all together.  Dave looked good and had his usual enthusiasm.  We talked, reminisced about the good old days at Bancroft and enjoyed a superb meal.  We were so thankful to have the opportunity to be with Dave and his wife, Barbara, and to have some good quality time together.  It was an uplifting moment.  What a great guy and dear friend and roommate. 

The story doesn't end there...We've been thinking about him and praying for him and the family.  Two nights ago, Dave calls US!  I couldn't believe it.  He sounded great.  He wanted to thank us for driving down to see him.  He felt badly that he hadn't called us sooner...what a guy!  He is definitely in a good mind-set and he is ready to move on to his next adventure called life.  I would encourage any and all of you to give him a call and brighten up his day.

  My best to all,

Lee Mink

From Bruce Bartels (11/9/19)

Hereís an update on Dave.  He has moved into hospice care at our health center.  He and his oncologist decided that the treatments he was taking were not helping.  He has decided to let nature take its course.  While any specific prognosis re: time is uncertain, he seems to think it will be weeks, not months.  He is in a very good place mentally and is ready for what comes his way.  He is still feeling pretty good and any calls from company mates I know would be welcome.  His new number is 707-389-4704.  

Jim Sheehan (1st Co) (7/10/19)

From Gordo

I received the following from Greg Streeter, Jim's Company Rep:

I received some sad news today concerning Jim Sheehan from Dave Morgan.  Jim Sheehanís wife  informed him that Jim has been suffering from Dementia and experiencing frequent falls .  She and Jimís family have decided to place him in a Care Facility on Thursday.

Please keep Jim and his family in your prayers.