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Last updated:  05/26/20


   Binnacle List

Dick Dunbar (15th Co) (5/26/20)

From James Maitland Captain SC USN ret  Class of 64

I am a good friend of Dick Dunbar and am class of 64.  Dick’s wife Nancy emailed me today that dick is in intensive care at a Virginia Beach hospital and her latest email said he is in stage three of kidney failure.  

I have communicated this info to Ken Mitchel and Nancy Sinnott wife of Tom.


Clivie Goodwin (3rd Co) (5/9/20)

On 30 April, Clivie  slipped on the front steps of his house  in the rain and broke 7 ribs and cracked a vertebra.  He has been in the hospital ever since.   He is in a lot of pain and will be for quite some time.  Because of the Corona Virus, no one including Nancy, has been able to visit him in the hospital.  More info on communicating with Clivie  will be provided as we get it