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Last updated:  05/28/23 


'58 Photo Gallery - Page 1

Reunion 65 13-16 April 2023


USNA 1958 65th Reunion


USNA 1958  - Classmates - 65th Reunion


1st Company
Alice Wiedemann, Ron and Pat Eytchison  Barbara and Richard Fitzsimmons

12th Company
Helen and Ward Correll; Gordy and Ginny Schaaf; Wally Bridgman and daughter, Tara; Bruce and Terry Wilcox; Bud Manazir and Al Goldberg

Starting the Memorial Service

USNA !958
Classmates -

Donna and John Kennard with Don Bernes

'58 Marines
Bud Manazir, Poj Walters, John (JJ) Carty, Terry Cooper, Al Goldberg, Jim Dahlberg.

Poj Walter, Polly Mitchell, Nils Rueckert

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