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To assist the Class of 1958 Legacy Gift Project, through the U.S. Naval Academy  Foundation, I hereby pledge the amount of $_______________________.  

I wish to split my pledge contribution and/or gift as follows:  

       Please split my pledge 85%/15% as recommended by my class leadership

ORsplit my pledge as follows

      Class of 1958 Admiral Larson Award Fund (Y14CG) ____%

      USNA Annual Fund (Y14CG) ____%


       Pay entire amount now,


       Schedule pledge payments as follows:

Number of years:         1 year,       2 years,       3 years,       4 years OR        5 years

First payment date:            ___________/_________ (month/year)  

Frequency:                   annually,        quarterly OR        monthly  


I would like to make my gift (or initial pledge payment) now by:


                                  Credit Card               Check Enclosed (make checks payable to the “Naval Academy Foundation”)



      MasterCard             Visa             American Express             Discover

 $________________  Amount of gift or initial pledge payment to be processed immediately  

Card Number:                                               


Expiration Date:                                                  


      I would like to pay all future installments of this pledge on a recurring basis via Credit Card



Mail to: Naval Academy Foundation, Attn: Nicolle Williams, 291 Wood Road, Beach Hall, Annapolis, MD 21402-1254.  You may email or fax but we ask that you do not include your credit card number.  Email to nicolle.williams@usna.com or fax to 410-295-4108.


Please note:  

·   Many companies will match, double, or even triple the amount of gifts through their matching gift program.  If appropriate, please check your company’s policy and obtain a matching gift form. 


·   If transferring stock or appreciated securities, contact Dawn Beach at (410) 295-4115 or Dawn.Beach@usna.com in advance of your stock transfer.




_________________________                      _____________________

Signature                                              Date



_________________________               _____________________             _____________________________

Print Name                                           Phone Number                         Email


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