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Reunion 65 Poem By Chester Kunz


                          i                 PROMISES KEPT 1958-2023
                                                                  Chester A. Kunz Jr. (1958)

Reunion sixty-five is here;

Does it bring a cheer, perhaps a tear?

We should be pleased that we have made it here

But remembering those so lately lost, I fear,

Brings thoughts that we are bringing up the rear.

We started with solemn promises sincere

To help this Navy keep our country free.

Perhaps our thoughts should be directed

More to our lately lost souls, oh so loved.

What difference do a few years make?

We with many extra years to partake

Of numerous opportunities to

Try new clothes,  to serve in some place new.


Consider the lives of just a few

Lost in recent months who grew

To statures no one would ever guess:

Like Jack Chrisman, Kent Lawrence,

Paul Polski, Frank Gamboa,

Ron Johnson, Wayne Scott, Zack Pate,

Al Barbero, Terry Magrath, all typical of 58,

After impressive Naval or Air Force service, navigate  

Their ways to new and deep engagement

In commercial or civic enterprise well spent.


Some of us might have a thank you due,

Such as mine to the classmate, I don’t know who,

On the obstacle course Plebe summer, do or die,

Gave me a shove up that first obstacle taller than I.

Don’t know his name, is he here? Thanks sincere,

And thanks to those who spent many a year

in Hanoi Hilton enduring blood, sweat and tears.

Each night, while pulling out loo..ong strings of floss,

I think of those stalwarts who shared just shreds

of floss amounting to little more than threads.


Our promises were mostly kept in tact

To help carry out God’s plans, it is a fact.

In Isaiah 46:3-4, “Harken to me”…[gives His guarantee],


      ”…even to your old age I am He,

      And to gray hairs I will carry you.

      I have made [you], and I will bear [you];

      I will carry [you] and will save [you].”