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Reunion 65

This letter was sent to all Classmates with email addresses on  Feb 2023.  If you did not receive it or you do not have email, follow the instructions in the letter below to register.

Gordo's Letter to the Class (2/1/23)


Dear Classmates,

This letter will cover all the information that you need to register for REUNION 65. Following the Schedule, you will find paragraphs written by the class board member who has accepted responsibility for that task/event. The board member has also accepted responsibility for answering any questions or comments that you may have about that item.


Thursday – 13 April 2023

1200 – 2100 Check-in at Westin Annapolis

1200 – 1800 Hospitality Suite

Evening Open

Friday – 14 April

0800 – 1200 Check-in

Breakfast – On your own

0800 – 1000 Hospitality Suite

1000 – Memorial Service USNA Chapel (Photo after Service)

1130 – Buffet Lunch at Club

1330 – Supe’s Briefing at Club

Following Supe – Alumni Association (Jeff Webb) Briefing

1600 – Brigade Parade

Evening – Company/Battalion Parties (Scheduled Individually)

Saturday – 15 April

Breakfast – On your own

0800 – 1600 – Hospitality Suite

1000 – 1100 Terwilliger Hall Tour

Lunch – On your own

1530 – Lacrosse at Stadium Navy vs. Lafayette

1900 – Class Dinner (Open bar starting at 1800)

Sunday – 16 April

Brunch – King Hall- From 0800-1100 they serve breakfast, from 1100-1300 they put out brunch.

Sunday Services Catholic - 0900; Protestant - 1100

Buses will provide full coverage.


Since I have had that responsibility for several events, I will address them herein and welcome your comments/questions:

Supe’s Briefing (and Alumni Association CEO President’s briefing)

 The Supe’s Briefing will take place immediately after the Friday lunch at the club. It will probably require changing of seats. We will be assisted by the club personnel in deciding on the arrangement and making it happen. It will be followed by Jeff Webb’s briefing. Jeff is the new Alumni Association President and CEO. You will enjoy meeting him. You are welcome to attend even if you did not pay for and attend the luncheon.


 The Brigade Parade will have a section of seats reserved for us. Since we will be the only class having a reunion at that time it will not be a problem.


 The lacrosse match against Lafayette will require a $10 admission ticket. We are not making that a part of the registration process so that you will not have to decide in advance (and are able to change your mind later) regarding attendance. Tickets may be purchased at the stadium just before entry. We are assured that there will not be a shortage.


 The Terwilliger Hall tour is scheduled for Saturday morning. The chances are that you have never seen Terwilliger Hall. It contains many, many awards won by Navy teams and individual Navy Athletes including our “Class Legends” selected by you. All classes’ Distinguished Graduates (including our five) are recognized in a separate room.


 Our folks may come any time between 0800 and 1300. From 0800-1100 they serve breakfast, from 1100-1300 they put out brunch foods.  Classmates may sit with the mids or at their own table. Reservations cost $10 each but no tickets will be issued. We will pay for the number of tix charged.

Any questions or comments? I am always available.

Gordo – 703-437-0074  usna1958@verizon.net


For the REUNION 65 registration, we will be using only on-line registration.  Registration cost is $65 per person. Please note that this covers transportation, check-in, hospitality suite, etc. The last date for Registration with guaranteed refund  is 23 March 2023.  The last date for Registration with POSSIBLE refund (if we have the money) is 6 April 2023. NO REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 6 APRIL.

 The on-line process is offered by the Alumni Association database/Information Technology Office.  This process includes a cash management system, which provides the capability for all monies remitted for our reunion to be received, processed, and deposited into the Class of 1958 Account at the USNA Alumni Association.  

There are two aspects to this process.  First you must have an account with USNA Alumni website (www.usna.com).  Second, you must register for the reunion on the USNA website. 

  • If you already have an account on the Alumni Association website and you can sign in successfully, proceed to the section below entitled Registering Using the USNA Alumni Website and follow the instructions for filling out the registration form.  
  • If you are not sure if you have an account or need to set up a new account, follow the instructions in the next paragraph.

Setting Up or Retrieving an Account on the USNA Alumni Association Website

 Log onto the USNA Alumni website (www.usna.com) and click on the SIGN IN tab in the upper right-hand corner.  If you have an account but do not remember your password and have the same email address as when the account was set up, click on Forgotten Password.    

If you are not sure whether you have an account or need to set up an account, click on the onlinecommunity@usna.com link at the bottom right hand corner of the page and they will be happy to check if you have an account or help you set up an account.  Do not attempt to set up a second account by filling out the New User Form, it will not work.  If nothing works leave the website and send an email explaining your problem directly to onlinecommunity@usna.com

Registering Using the USNA Alumni Website

 Log onto the USNA Alumni website (usna.com). 

  • Click on theFind and Connect  
  • Next click on the linkFind Your Class, which will bring you to the Class of 1958 page.  
  • Click on theReunion Link tab; and you will see the link to the registration form.  
  • Select the events that you plan to attend including the ‘No Cost’ events to ensure that we get as accurate a head count as possible for all events, which will facilitate transportation planning. 

If you have trouble with the registration process, contact Fred at fredvic58@gmail.com.  Telephone: 301 862 7826 )  If Fred cannot help you, contact our USNA Alumni representative, Wendy Owen (Director, Alumni Class Programs at 410 295 4017, Wendy.owen@usna.com.  Please contact Fred first 

Once you have made your selections, you will be asked to pay by credit card.  You will get a confirmation email once you have successfully registered.  




 The Westin Annapolis will be our Headquarters and is located at 100 Westgate Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401.  The Telephone is 410-972-4300 and the web site is www.marriott.com/bwiwa

We have reserved 100 rooms for Thursday, Friday & Saturday, April 13, 14 & 15.  Single & Double Room rate is $169/ night.  Approximately 15 rooms remain.  State and local taxes of 13% additional.  Rooms will held until Friday March 17, 2023.  Contact Marriott reservations at 1-888-627-8994 or use https://www.marriott.com/event-reservations/reservation-link.mi?id=1651531010237&key=GRP&app=resvlink

If a classmate is trying to make a reservation for earlier than April 13, 2023 or to stay after April 16, 2023, the site would state no availability because it is outside of the contracted dates.  The Westin suggests they make the reservations for the dates that have been contracted which are April 13 , April 14 and April 15 first and then send our rooms coordinator Sujin Lee a message of the early arrival or later departure and she will check availability and extend the reservation if there is availability.  Sujin Lee can be reached at slee@heihotels.com

The parking is owned by the City of Annapolis and management is by a third party for the Valet. 

The current cost is $34.00 for Valet and $25-$36.00 for self-parking and depends when the guest checks in and checks out of the garage. 

Contact: Mike Giglio @ giglio3936@aol.com



As soon as possible after you have checked into the hotel, go to the Class Check-In Desk, where you will receive a Schedule of Events, a Bus Schedule, and any tickets you have purchased.  The Check-In Desk will be in the '58 Reunion Hospitality Suite. It will be open Thursday 1200-2100 and Friday 0800-1200. For further information, please send your email Linda Gamboa at lindamgamboa@gmail.com, or text/call her at 703-608-2023.


 The Hospitality Suite for the Class of 1958’s REUNION 65 will be co-located with the check-in suite in the Caucus Room at the Westin Annapolis hotel. The Hospitality Suite will serve as a place where friends can meet before heading out to an event. Information about the schedule of events for the reunion -times, places, bus schedules, etc. will be posted. Listings of events in the Annapolis area and maps of the area will also be available. We plan to have a bulletin board to serve as a point where we can leave messages for other attendees, and post info such as the latest COVID mask requirements in the yard and in town. Light refreshments will be provided – Coffee, tea, soft drinks, water, and snacks.

The Hospitality Suite will be open and staffed by representatives of Annapolis Events on Day 1 – 1200 – 1800; Day 2 0800 – 1000; and Day 3 0800 – 1600. These hours are aligned with the reunion schedule of events.

Should anyone like to volunteer to augment the Annapolis Events staff please let Taylor and John know.

Looking forward to seeing you there.              

Coordinator:    Taylor Keith



Assistant:     John Carty





 The Memorial Service for the 65th Reunion of the USNA Class of 1958 will take place commencing at 1000 on 14 April 2023 at the USNA Chapel. Bus service will be provided from the Westin Hotel and programs will be available at the Chapel. A group photo of attendees will be taken after the service.

Jack Adams can answer any questions – 703-992-0773


 Buses will be provided for all registered attendees for all scheduled events. The bus schedule will be available at sign-in. Rupe MacLean will work with Devon and the bus company to ensure it works the way we hope it does. Rupe is at rupertnjoan@comcast.net and 410-349-8612.


 A buffet lunch will be offered on Friday, April 14th at 1130, in the upper floor (street level) of the Academy Club. Purchase of tickets ($40.00 per person) will be required. When you register for the reunion, purchasing tickets for the lunch will be one of your options. At Reunion Check-In, you will be given the number of tickets you purchased as part of the registration process. For further information please send an email to Linda Gamboa at lindamgamboa@gmail.com, or text/call her at 703-608-2023, or Kay Powell at kaypowell@verizon.net, or text/call her at 301-752-3431.


At this time about 1/2 of our 24 companies have developed plans for Company Parties.  Those companies who have not yet decided should check with their Company Reps soon and make a decision.  Bus service will be available for all reasonable venues. As companies decide, let Marty Hill (mghill58@cox.net) know.  He will coordinate with Rupe Maclean to provide party bus service.


The banquet will be held at the Westin on Saturday night, April 15 beginning with free drinks at 1800 followed by the sit-down dinner at 1900.. We will do our best to seat companies at individual tables. The menu will include a small filet of beef and crab cake, a Caesar salad and dessert. Wine will be included. Cost will be $95 per plate. Vegan and vegetarian alternatives will be available on request.

Questions to Bruce Wilcox at BAW58@aol.com or 757-345-5878


I hope you have found this letter straightforward and complete. Start thinking about REUNION 70…We hope to hold it in 2028. Try to make it.