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Reunion 60

Tentative Schedule

The Board of Trustees of the Association of USNA Class of 1958 held a meeting on June 29, 2017.  The Board developed the following tentative schedule and plan for Reunion 60 to be conducted from Thursday, October 18 through Saturday, October 20, 2018.  Please pass this info to your company mates.  Importantly, everyone must understand that this schedule is tentative and subject to change. 

Tentative Schedule  

          Wednesday, 17 Oct: Rooms can be available at Loews Annapolis for early arrivals                   

          Thursday, 18 Oct:   

Check in at Loews Annapolis

                No scheduled events during the day

                The Dinner Cruise start time is undecided but could be considered a daytime event

                 Company parties as arranged by Companies

                 Dinner Cruise (can accommodate company parties) (Details will be provided via separate message)           

             Friday, 19 Oct:

1000 - Chapel with Jack Chrisman or Linda Poindexter.

                             List of Deceased (Jack Adams, Paul Polski and Gordon Gerson)

1200 – Observe Noon Meal formation (Optional)

                              Noon Luncheon at USNA Faculty and officers Club 

                1400 -  Superintendent’s briefing

                1600 -  Attend Midshipmen Parade

                1830 -   Dinner Dance at Loews          

          Saturday, 20 Oct:

                 Tailgate before and after Football Game (Time to be announced when football schedule is confirmed) (See Item 5 under Reunion 60 below)

                 Attend Football game


          Sunday, 21 Oct:

                Brunch with Brigade in King Hall (Last scheduled event)

                (Reunion ends after game)  

Miscellaneous matters: 

     Reunion 60

         1.  Registration will be via on-line only

         2.  Sign-up letter/message will be dispatched during March 2018.  This letter/message will contain details such as costs, Football game time, opponent and  

               other details 

         3. For planning purposes, the Board is using the figure of 225 attendees

         4.  Due to on-going construction, there is no parking in the yard. The Reunion Committee will publish a bus schedule

         5. The Reunion Tailgate ends one hour after the singing of Blue and Gold – the end of the tailgate officially ends Reunion 60 

         6.  Assuming some classmates remain in Annapolis Saturday night, the Board has tentatively scheduled a morning brunch with Midshipmen in King Hall 


   Reunion 65: Will be held in the Spring of 2023; Reunion 60 will be the final Class of 58 reunion during football season.