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Pictures of the Wreath For Ben Montoya at the CEC Museum

From Nils  Rueckert

At nearby Port Hueneme, CA stands the relatively new multi-million dollar Seabee Museum, which has a permanent exhibit in the entrance lobby honoring the life and career of Ben Montoya, 5th Co.  With the news of his passing, I took on the personal commitment of presenting a wreath on behalf of the class.  Ben had been the chairman of the board of the CEC/Seabee Historical Foundation and was the principal fundraiser, raising some $15 million dollars to build the museum, opened in 2010.  

Assisting with the placement of the wreath was Captain Bob Quinn, 56, on the left, a trustee on the foundation board, who was responsible for oversight of the design and construction of the museum.

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The following photos provide background info on the Seabee Museum and the Montoya exhibit.

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