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Tailgate Season Wrap-up From CAPT Audrey  Callahan USMC '08

What a season! The team showed up to play Notre Dame this past weekend and though the result wasn't what was hoped for it certainly was a game for all 4 quarters! The team is 6-3 with Houston, Army and a bowl game ahead of us! And three quarterbacks all vying for the job!  

The last home football game we beat SMU and had a great turn out at the tailgate. Apparently we're a cold weather crew! I think we have 25-28 08's and about 20 58's plus family, friends and guests, probably 100-120 total.   

Catered BBQ for Mission BBQ was well supported and the hot cider on the stovetop was a hit. 6 gallons were spiked and went quickly in addition to hot chocolate... we'll plan for more next time. I don't want to speak to soon but I think we will go for 2 catered tailgates next season in addition to the '08 10 yr reunion but well make those decisions closer to the season, once the schedule is published. Its good to know we have options with both Mac (USAFA game) and Mission BBQ (SMU game).  

Our party wouldn't be possible without quite a few great eights and their supporting crew. Bob and Becky Caldwell '58 provided their truck on Friday's and Saturday's all season to help us move the tent and associated gear from Tom and Kay Powell 58's shed on Cedar Park. CDR Jack Eggleston coordinated our JROTC crew who make life so much easier and Chris and Denise Swensen are masterful at getting the tent packed back up! I appreciate all of the local and not so local folks who came out for Friday afternoon set ups and happy hour and Saturday game day set up (too many to list). It takes a few hands to get the tent up every week and I appreciate all the support I got from 08 to make it happen and the cheerleaders of 58 to supervise! My first season as tailgater in chief was only possible with the supervision and guidance from Rupe and Joan MacLean. 58 is really handing down a wonderful legacy and though its a bit of work to pull together a party for 100 every other weekend I think its well worth it and am glad to lead the charge for next season.   

Financially we are in a good place to start the 2018 season! The goal is to always collect enough dues to "pay forward" the next season. It seems far away but preparations will actually start in Feb! The dues collected this year will pay for our site fee, the private potty, and JROTC tickets for next season as well as incidentals. We're also making headway on saving for a trailer to eventually move the tailgate supplies out of the shed and make them mobile! Venmo and PayPal have made dues paying easy to account for and I think the email address and distro works well. I'm sending emails to about 70 classmates from 08 and 50 from 58 but if you know someone who isn't getting them- feel free to send me their email address.

If you haven't see it on the Class FB page, check out how good looking our class is (photo attached)!  

Cheers! BEAT ARMY!


'08 At the SMU Tailgate